Food and drink communications

Brochures, websites, strategy documents and more

Farming, fishing, food and drink is Scotland’s most valuable industry, and I’m always keen to use my communications experience to help the sector grow. It’s an area I’m passionate about – not just because I’m a foodie, but because I grew up in Dorset, with more bovine neighbours than human ones.

Recent projects include copywriting:

  • The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership’s ‘Ambition 2030‘ strategy
  • The 2030 growth strategy for the aquaculture sector in Scotland
  • Extensive work for the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC), including PR materials, website, messaging, and ding public affairs work.

I’m also about to write Scotland’s fruit and vegetable strategy, working with the new industry leadership group.

Writing strategy reports like these involves rapidly understanding the specific sector and its supply chain. From field to fridge, shore to shelf, producer to plate, or however else you want to put it.  Basically, it’s my favourite type of work, and I would happily do it until the cows (sheep, goats or fish) come home.

Crucial in these sector-wide projects is to tease out the politics and sensitivities around different goals and points of view. There’s always some diplomacy involved in synthesising the views of multiple stakeholders, building a consensus on content, and producing readable documents.

Consumer communications

So that’s the high-level strategic side of my food and drink work. I also do consumer communications, writing on shortbread, whisky, and other Scottish staples. And I have a previous incarnation as a restaurant and bar reviewer, both in Edinburgh and Brussels.

I always mean to start a food blog, but never quite get round to it …

“Sarah provided a complete repertoire of communications and marketing functions for SAIC during its first 18 months of existence … I have particularly enjoyed working with her as I know she is utterly dependable, highly productive, extremely efficient, and a reliable safe pair of hands.”

Heather Jones, Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre March 23, 2016

If you need any help with food and drink communications or copywriting, I’d love to help. Contact me for details.