How I work with clients

The thing I do most in my job is listening

With most clients, we meet or talk on the phone to discuss the scope and objectives of the project, the audiences and the timeframe.

During these conversations, I also pick up their corporate or individual style and tone of voice, which I can then use in my work for them – particularly if I’m ghostwriting blogs or articles, or thinking about their messaging.

Having talked through the brief – whether it’s a website, a white paper or a communications strategy – we agree the approximate number of hours or days the project will take (including meetings, research, reviews) and my daily/hourly rate.

We then stick to this agreed price unless the scope of the project changes. This approach means you know in advance how much your costs will be.

However, some clients have their own ways of doing things, and I’m happy to discuss alternative ways of working.

“We've been happy to recommend Sarah's work to major clients in a number of sectors - from utilities and energy to education and financial services.”

Steven Mitchell, Tayburn April 15, 2016

If you’d like to discuss a specific project or ongoing communications support, contact me.