PR and media support

CENSIS is the Scottish centre of excellence for sensing and imaging systems and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Working with businesses, universities and government, it helps organisations innovate and accelerate technical solutions. It’s based in Glasgow.

In 2018, CENSIS needed interim PR support for a few months when it was between agencies. The marketing team knew my work with Scotland’s Innovation Centre programme, and other innovation bodies such as the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre, and asked me to help.

I worked with them over the summer, with a remit to get business-to-business coverage in Scotland and UK-wide for specialist/trade magazines. Sensor and imaging systems and IoT were unknown territory for me, and it was a steep learning curve to translate highly-technical stores about electrical engineering and IoT cybersecurity into readable copy.

But it was challenging in a good way, really interesting, and also, thanks to the wonderful team at CENSIS, huge fun. And, more importantly, CENSIS got great media coverage:

“Sarah provided a complete repertoire of communications and marketing functions for SAIC during its first 18 months of existence … I have particularly enjoyed working with her as I know she is utterly dependable, highly productive, extremely efficient, and a reliable safe pair of hands.”

Heather Jones, Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre March 23, 2016


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