Scotland Food & Drink

Strategy and copywriting

Scotland Food & Drink (SF&D) work with businesses and government to boost the sector’s competitive edge. Food and drink is already Scotland’s best performing industry; Scotland Food & Drink want it to do even better.

Over the past few years, I’ve done a wide range of communications for SF&D – all with the aim of helping the sector or individual businesses to thrive:

  • case studies, inspiring and helping businesses to learn from others’ successes on export and growth
  • toolkits on recruitment & retention and how to make your business greener
  • a series of growth strategies, to double the value of the sector by 2030: an overall growth strategy for the industry, and individual strategies for aquaculture, fruit & vegetables, brewing, pigs and UK market development. 

Sector strategies

These involve sitting with different ‘industry leadership groups’ to set their 2030 objectives, work out recommendations for unlocking growth, turn the incompatible into the compatible, and generate ideas and plans that government, businesses and other organisations will act upon.

All  have been very well received. They’ve been launched by government ministers, covered extensively in the media, and generally taken to heart by industry. Given their aim is to increase turnover by millions or even billions, and given that I expect them to succeed, I should have got myself on a percentage!

“Sarah provided a complete repertoire of communications and marketing functions for SAIC during its first 18 months of existence … I have particularly enjoyed working with her as I know she is utterly dependable, highly productive, extremely efficient, and a reliable safe pair of hands.”

Heather Jones, Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre March 23, 2016


If you need any help with food and drink communications or copywriting, I’d love to help. Contact me for details.