Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC)

Messaging, managing and more

In 2014 I won a three-day commission to do the messaging for the new Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC).

I ended up working for SAIC for 18 months, forming their content strategy, redeveloping their website, developing their social media presence, producing their first annual review, and helping to plan their first major conference.

I also wrote all their press releases and web copy, found them a PR company, wrote numerous articles about salmon farming, mussels and cleaner-fish, helped them and their members to win awards, and generally fell in love with Scottish aquaculture.

After helping SAIC find a (brilliant) permanent Communications Manager, I continued to work for them as a consultant. Recent commissions include preparing Board briefings, working on their strategy for 2019-2024, and writing their response to Scotland’s Advisory Group on Economic Recovery (and part of the response was directly reproduced in the Group’s final recommendations).

Several other great projects have come my way as a result of my work for SAIC. They include:

  • writing the industry’s ‘Aquaculture Growth to 2030‘ strategy document
  • doing digital comms (Twitter, LinkedIn, e-newsletters and website) for OGIC, the Oil & Gas Innovation Centre, in Aberdeen
  • doing interim PR for CENSIS, the Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems, while they were between agencies
  • extensive work for Scotland Food & Drink.

“Sarah’s work at the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (funded by the organisation I work for) really stood out. It was clear, engaging and informative and, I think, played an important part in raising the profile of SAIC when it was first set up.”

Steve Crowe, Scottish Funding Council April 22, 2016

“Sarah provided a complete repertoire of communications and marketing functions for SAIC during its first 18 months of existence … I have particularly enjoyed working with her as I know she is utterly dependable, highly productive, extremely efficient, and a reliable safe pair of hands.”

Heather Jones, Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre March 23, 2016

If you need any help with food and drink communications or copywriting, I’d love to help. Contact me for details.