After years writing about financial services, it’s always exciting to do a project where you get to wear a hard hat or some high-clothing. (I apologise if I am heading into George Osborne territory here.)

Best of all is working with aquaculture clients, where overalls, life jackets and boat trips may be involved. And as well as writing about a sector that sustains many rural and coastal communities in Scotland, you get to travel to beautiful places.

Over the next few months, I’m working with a group of aquaculture leaders, including Gael Force, Aquascot, the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation, Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre, Scotland Food and Drink, and Shetland Mussels, to set out a vision for Scottish aquaculture growth to 2030. Writing up the report is a fascinating opportunity to sit at the top table in aquaculture and contribute to a new strategic vision.

And I also get to do one of my favourite train journeys each month – Edinburgh-Inverness, with wonderful views of the Cairngorms, and four-plus hours to read and think.